Aircraft Registration/Deregistration

Support in individuating the Country that best suits your specific operational and financial needs.

Management of the aircraft transfer from one registration to another. Application for Registration and Certificate of Airworthiness. DasAero offers full support to handle all issues with the Civil Aviation Authority chosen for aircraft registration.


Our administrative and technical staff have an extensive experience with a large number of Civil Aviation Authorities all over the world and can provide full assistance.

Aircraft Phase In / Phase Out

We support transitions from/to Europe and U.S.A. or third Countries during a change of ownership or operator, including:
  • Full inspection of aircraft and technical records
  • Evaluation of compliance with technical and operational requirements such as EASA CAT.IDE, FAR, OTAR, GAR, etc.
  • Development of bridging checks, including full handover packages (AD, HT, SB, LLP, LDND, etc.)
  • Coordination of aircraft parking/storage, maintenance or return to service, including Interim operator and CAMO Management.

Aircraft Redelivery and Interim management

We offer technical support during aircraft delivery or redelivery upon leasing expiry.

Our services include aircraft physical inspection and records review in order to confirm that all the redelivery clauses have been correctly fulfilled.


Furthermore, we manage aircraft parking/storage, maintenance or return to service, including Interim operator and CAMO Management.

EASA Non-Commercial operation of Complex motor-powered aircraft (Part-NCC)

DASAERO supports private owners and operators to satisfy the NCC regulation.

Providing a full package of services during the NCC certification and to ensure continuing compliance by means of manuals updating, Safety Management, training and advice on new regulations and requirements.

Pre-buy inspections

carried out by aviation experts, including both records review and physical examination of the aircraft, with detailed report on the outcome including technical, administrative, and financial advice.

Aircraft Assessment

Including technical configuration, maintenance and modification status, incorporation of airworthiness directives and service bulletins, verification of compliance with EASA requirements.


To ensure the safety and quality standard of your organization and your aircraft meet internal and regulatory requirements.

Auditing operations minimizes the risk of an accident, reducing unscheduled downtime and company financial risk.


We can perform third party and customized audits, as well as mid-term audits, providing independent advice and recommendations for improvement, including detailed audit reports.


  • Part M/Part-CAMO
  • Introductory course for entry level CAMO personnel
  • Special Operations PBN, RVSM, NAT-HLA, Low Visibility for CAMO personnel
  • Safety Management: SMS basic & advanced course, Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
  • Airworthiness Reviews: ARC Review Staff course